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Jyg Pro 730G Semy Jig


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Dive into the depths with confidence, using the JYG Pro Fishing SEMY JYG Slow Pitch Jig!
Weight Ranges from 130g to 1030g: Whether you’re targeting smaller species in shallower waters or fishing in deeper depths, the SEMY jig is a great option for all water columns. With weight options ranging from 130g to a heavy 1030g, you’ll have the versatility to adapt to any fishing scenario.
The SEMY JYG Slow Pitch Jig boasts a symmetrical design that ensures a balanced and steady presentation in the water. This symmetry replicates natural prey, making it irresistible to predatory fish.
Built tough to withstand the rigors of deep-sea fishing, this jig features a wire-through design. This design not only increases its durability but also stops fish from twisting free during the fight, ensuring you land your prized catch.
The JYG SEMY Slow Pitch Jig features a cutting-edge blue pigment that glows in the dark, attracting even the most elusive fish. Witness the magic of this lure as it lures in curious fish from the depths, increasing your chances of a memorable catch.

 Prop 65 Warning CA

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