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Temple Reef Innovate 2.0 Slow Pitch Jigging Rod 2PC


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Temple Reef Innovate 2.0 Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

 Prop 65 Warning CA

Big fish. Big boats. Big power. Presenting the Temple Reef Innovate 2.0 Slow Pitch Jigging Rod, a new concept for jigging, the first signature series rod designed by Temple Reef Prostaff Benny Ortiz. Featuring a proprietary two-piece 70/30 joint design, the Temple Reef Innovate 2.0 Slow Pitch Jigging Rod does what was previously impossible – it combines unrivaled action, incredible backbone, and added length for long fall presentation as well as for maneuverability on today’s larger-range boats. All Innovate rods come equipped with a unique combination of flagship Fuji KW and LBD guides, allowing for the use of larger diameter leader while maintaining tangle free operation. At a mere 6oz(180g), it’s light enough to fish all day, but tough enough to stop nearly anything that swims. Whatever you’re targeting, and whatever you’re targeting it, the Innovate series has it covered.

Innovate 2.0 is an upgrade with Temple Reef’s proprietary Direct Sensory System™ (DSS). DSS not only enhanced the sensitivity but reduced the overall weight of the rod for improved performance:  The INN-78H 2.0 is 15g lighter and the INN-80MH 2.0 is 19g lighter than the Innovate 1.0 models.

Temple Reef has been at the forefront of slow pitch jigging with its Levitate and Gravitate series of rods, both of which have set the performance standard for which all other slow pitch rods are measured. Now, they introduce the Temple Reef 6FT 9IN Elevate 2.0 Slow Pitch Jigging Rod.  Designed to provide the pure slow pitch experience at entry level price point, the Temple Reef 6FT 9IN Elevate 2.0 Slow Pitch Jigging Rod is the gateway for every angler to have access to highly technical and capable equipment, at a price that won’t break the bank. Featuring Temple Reef’s newly adopted Neutral Spiral guide train and rigorously tested in some of the world’s most demanding fisheries, the Elevate will bring your fishing to the next level.


Temple Reef’s Direct Sensory SystemTM (DSS) is a groundbreaking and painstaking method of rod construction that amplifies blank sensitivity to enhance feel.  Our hands are attuned to vibrations transmitted via the line, to the blank and ultimately the reel seat. To update the reel seats construction, Temple Ref has incorporated a meticulously crafted carbon fiber arbor which is fused to the blank during the manufacturing process to create a single homogeneous piece that the reel seat can sit on without masking tape or foam fillers.   This ensures that every vibration and feedback is transmitted faithfully and accurately to your hand giving you ultimate feel and touch.  With this system we know that anglers will be able to feel the most subtle of sensations and know exactly what’s happening, when it’s happening and why it’s happening.  These 2 piece rods feature Fuji KTAG guides.

Temple Reef Innovate 2.0 Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

Model ? Power Lure (G) Action Length
Innovate 2.0-80MH Medium Heavy 100-400G Moderate Slow 8’
Innovate 2.0-78H Heavy 250-650G Moderate Slow 7’ 8”
Innovate 2.0-76MH Medium Heavy 200-500G Moderate Slow 7’ 6”

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